Chapter 1: Why Study Assembler Language.

Why Study Assembler Language                         PDF           Open Office Presentation

Chapter 2: Structure of an IBM Mainframe Assembler Language Program

Accessing the IBM Mainframe Computer            PDF           HTML             MS-Word
An Annotated Sample Program                            PDF           HTML             MS-Word

Chapter 3: The IBM S/360 Heritage

The IBM S/370 Heritage                                      PDF           HTML             MS-Word
The IBM Programming Environment                   PDF           HTML             MS-Word

Chapter 4: Representation of Data

Binary and Hexadecimal Numbers                       PDF           HTML             MS-Word
IBM 370 Data Types                                            PDF           HTML             MS-Word
More on Packed Decimal Arithmetic                   PDF           HTML             MS-Word

Chapter 5: Top-Level Discussion of Computer Architecture

Computer Architecture: Focus on the S/370        PDF           HTML             MS-Word

Chapter 6: The Assembly Process
Symbols Addresses And Variables                     PDF                HTML        MS-Word

Chapter 7: Assembly Directives and Data Definitions
Assembler Directives                                           PDF                HTML      MS-Word
Data Definitions                                                  PDF                HTML      MS-Word

Chapter 8:    Addressing in the IBM S/370
Addressing in S/370                                             PDF           HTML             MS-Word
Relative Addressing                                             PDF           HTML             MS-Word
Branch Instructions                                               PDF           HTML             MS-Word

Chapter 9      Instruction Formats

Instruction Formats                                               PDF           HTML             MS-Word

Chapter 10.   Handling Character Data
Processing Character Data                             PDF            HTML            MS-Word

Chapter 11.   Handling Decimal Data
Processing Decimal Data                                      PDF             HTML            MS-Word

Chapter 12.   Handling Binary Integer Data
Processing Binary Data                                       PDF             HTML           MS-Word

Chapter 13.   Handling Floating Point Data
Processing Floating Point Data                            PDF            HTML            MS-Word

Chapter 14.   Data Comparison and Branching
No lecture slides on this topic as yet.

Chapter 15.   Arrays and Tables
Looping And Index Registers                                PDF              HTML           MS-Word
Using Tables
                                                        PDF              HTML           MS-Word

Chapter 16.   Direct Conversion between EBCDIC and 32–bit integer
The subroutine NUMIN                                       PDF              HTML          MS-Word
The subroutine NUMOUT
                                   PDF              HTML          MS-Word

Chapter 17.   Conversions for Floating Point Formats
No lecture slides on this topic as yet.

Chapter 18.   Writing Macros
Macros And Stacks                                             PDF             HTML             MS-Word
Macros And Stacks (Part 2)  
                             PDF             HTML             MS-Word

Chapter 19.   Strings and Heterogeneous Arrays
Array And String Handling                                  PDF              HTML            MS-Word

Chapter 20.   Subroutine Linkage
Subroutine Linkage                                             PDF              HTML             MS-Word

Chapter 21.   Input/Output Macros
Input/Output Marcos                                          PDF              HTML              MS-Word

Chapter 22.   Job Control Language
No lecture slides on this topic as yet.

Chapter 23.   Some Issues from Systems Programming
Recursion And Stacks                                       PDF               HTML              MS-Word
Recursion: The General Case
                             PDF               HTML              MS-Word

Chapter 24.   Some Compilation Examples
No lecture slides on this topic as yet.

Chapter 25.   External Storage
No lecture slides on this topic as yet.

Chapter 26.   Sequential File Organization
No lecture slides on this topic as yet.

Chapter 27.   Indexed Sequential Access Method (ISAM)
No lecture slides on this topic as yet.

Chapter 28.   Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM)           
No lecture slides on this topic as yet.

Chapter 29.   Operating Systems
No lecture slides on this topic as yet.